Coronavirus #stayathome

It seems unbeliavable that Italy was placed under the lock-down conditions to contain the spread of Coronavirus and protect Italy’s most vulnerable citizens. But this is the only way to protect our health and all over the world.



My assistance consist of ...

When renovating your Italian dream house you like feedback about the work in progress and you cannot be present. I'm your eyes at distance and my Team is happy to work in complete collaboration with you.


MERLA days

It is " i giorni della Merla (hen blackbird)". According to our ancestors legend, the last three days of January (29, 30 and 31, or according to others legends the last two days of January and February 1st) are supposed to be the three coldest days of the year.


My assistance consists in ...

Clients like to be updated about the work in progress at their house when restoration works are requested. I provide this assistance too and I like taking pictures and I enjoy it a lot! I'm your eyes at distance.


8th December

The Immaculate Conception of Mary is a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church, according to which the Virgin Mary was conceived without any stain of original sin. It is completely distinct from the Virginity of Mary and the virgin birth of Jesus, though it is a popular mistake to confuse them.


ORA SOLARE is coming back ...

Between the night of Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, October 2017 the standard time will return and you have to put your watch back an hour. This happens exactly at three o'clock a.m. and it will get two o'clock a.m. This time change will bring sleeping disorders to many people.


School in Italy

Lot of schools in Abruzzo start their new course on the 10/11th Septemeber. In Italy the Education is compulsory up to 14 years and is organised as follows:

PRIMARY or ELEMENTARY school for children from 6 up to 11 years old (the course lasts five years);



Today, the nougat is one of the most popular Christmas cakes in Italy but you can find it abroad too!.


11th November ... in Italy!

The feast of St. Martin, bishop of Tours, born in France, when it was still under the influence of the pagan Celts who celebrated the beginning of the new year in November. St.


MIRABILANDIA - land of marvels

Mirabilandia is an Italian amusement park, located at Savio, Ravenna, in Emilia Rpmagna.



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