11th November ... in Italy!

The feast of St. Martin, bishop of Tours, born in France, when it was still under the influence of the pagan Celts who celebrated the beginning of the new year in November. St. Martin then ended up being the party of betrayed husbands, perhaps because the day dedicated to the saint took place in several locations, cattle fairs, mostly "equipped with horns." According to another hypothesis, in ancient times,, just in November, it was celebrated 12 days of unbridled pagan festival, carnival-type, during which often occurred adulterers. The betrayed husbands became ​​a laughingstock of a real hunt, even if it was only a simulation, in which they were to play the role of the deer, animal by-rich and branched horns. And St. Martin is celebrated in a very unique way in the province of Pescara and precisely in San Valentino (Abruzzo). The villagers, especially young people, parade through the streets of the town in a quite unique procession . The parade, with its horns and phallic symbols of any size (and a few glasses of wine, of course) stops especially under the windows of the newlyweds, the bachelors and widowers, and with the help of the most different instruments, sing songs that praise the quality of sexual and loving people who are being targeted. Surprisingly The procession is opened by a large phallic symbol, which is given each year to the last man who was married in the country, together, of course, to the sarcastic greeting ritual. Usually, stress, and, usually, no one takes it the wrong way, so that the evening ends with the dance of the classic Beauty and binge, strictly with typical regional foods.

Created by Andrea Poidomani