Carnival is on the way

According to the Catholic religious tradition, the Carnival begins with the Septuagesima Sunday (the first of the ninth Sunday preceding the Holy Week according to the Gregorian calendar and ends on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent). This is the reason why Easter is called a movable feast, ie, without fixed annual recurrence but it is variable. What is certain is that 46 days elapse between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day.Among the Italian masks Harlequin is certainly the best known and popular mask and one of the oldest. Its origins can be traced in the figure of the "devil joker" by medieval tales and later in "fool" in the wandering companies of comedians at the courts or among tumblers and acrobats at fairs and markets in the suburbs, always crowded with people looking for fun. He comes from Bergamo and speaks in the dialect of his land, but then it will change in the Veneto, since more graceful and sweet. His first dress was all white, like that of Punch, his worthy appears. Over time he has become what we now know, a colorful dress consisting of a short jacket and a pair of tight pants, both with lozenges and triangles of all colors. Harlequin has a reckless and extravagant character, invents tricks and jokes at the expense of the greedy and stingy owners that he is serving, but do not give him a fine. Harlequin is a bit 'naive, but it is not a stupid, maybe a bit silly, but full of fantasy and imagination. As to work not even talking about it, but his language works very well. His jokes, his naive jokes, always make everyone laugh out

Created by Andrea Poidomani