Christmas in Abruzzo

The colors and lighs of Christmas take us back to the ancient traditional costumes. This is typical in all regions, but Abruzzo likes to keep alive certain rites. From the Gran Sasso and the Majella the pipers come down the mountain and perform traditional songs with the bagpipe. They are the symbol of approaching Christmas. Another important tradition is “La Squilla di Lanciano”. In Lanciano (CH) the Christmas holiday has begun on the 23rd Dec for four centuries with the first tolling of the bell called “La Squilla”. All citizens left their homes for giving gifts and greetings with friends and family. The bell rings continuously from 18.00 to 19.00, an hour to strengthen the bonds of friendship and family. It is one of the oldest traditions in the soul of the people of Lanciano and its origins date back to the seventeenth century. “Caggionetti abruzzesi” is another Christmas tradition in Abruzzo as far as food is concerned. In some countries, is applied to the pagan custom that on Christmas Eve you have to eat nine courses. Other countries, however, adopt the church rite which provides low-fat dinner, traditional macaroni with anchovies, vegetable broccoloni, cabbage, chickpeas or beans soup. But very famous are the traditional Christmas sweets of Abruzzo, and every country has its own specialties. We have “ caggionetti” in Teramo and Chieti.

Created by Andrea Poidomani