4 eggs

200 dl. sunflower oil

200 dl. milk

300 g. sugar

350 g. pastry flour

16 g. baking powder


grated lemon peel


Mix eggs with sugar. Then add oil and milk, flour, vanilla, lemon and at the end the baking powder. Mix all the ingredients with the mixer and get a cream. If you wish you can put some cream in a bowl and add some cocoa powder by blending it. Grease with butter a pan and dust with flour. Put both the creams in the pan, one at a time and cook in oven.

Cook in oven at 180° C – 15 minutes and then lower at 150° - 1 hour.

(NO ventilation in oven is requested)

Dust the top with icing sugar and … enjoy the CIAMBELLA!

Created by Andrea Poidomani