Peach is the ideal fruit for the summer. It is a cool, refreshing and low calorie fruit, so it is perfect for those who want to keep in line. It is the fruit of the peach tree, Prunus persica, coming from China, where it is considered a symbol of immortality.


Easter in Abruzzo

Abruzzo region has a strong religious spirit, deeply rooted in local traditions. The rites of Easter Holy Week are an important testimony of it. In towns and villages there are lots of demonstrations focused on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus and they are lived with intensity.


Pupa - typical Easter cake in my village

1 kg flour

300 g. honey

300 g. sugar

300 g. chopped toasted almponds

4 eggs

100 g. oil


25 g. ammonia

50 g. cocoa powder


Anna's Recipe Lemon Cream Liquor

INGREDIENTS Half litre alcohol 5 bio lemon peel 1kg sugar 1litre UHT milk Bag of vanilla METHOD Soak the 5 lemon peels in very small pieces in the alcohol for 48 hours. Simmer the milk with sugar to dissolve the sugar. Add vanilla and leave to cool down. Then add the alcohol without the peel.




4 eggs

200 dl. sunflower oil

200 dl. milk

300 g. sugar

350 g. pastry flour

16 g. baking powder


grated lemon peel



Gli Amici della Pasquetta - San Salvo (CH)

Tradition in Abruzzo celebrating the 6th January Epiphany.
Please visit my FB profile to join a lovely video about it


December 13rd

"Santa Lucia, il giorno più corto che ci sia"


16th August celebrates Saint Rocco

Rocco of Montpellier, or de la Croix, known all over the world as Saint Roch, was a confessor whose death is commemorated on the 16th of August; he is specially invoked against the plague. He left all his goods to the poor to go on a pilgrimage.


Summer and fruit

Italians often ask for a MACEDONIA dessert at the end of their meal at Restaurant. MACEDONIA is what you say "fruit salad". With its 80% - 90% of water, 5% - 18% of carbohydrates, 2% of fibres it's one of the most hearty food, rich with vitamines and mineral salts.


April the1st

April Fools' Day or April Fool's Day or All Fools' Day, is celebrated every year on the first day of April as a day when people play practical jokes on each other, the so called "April fools".



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