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Punta Aderci is really a lovely area for people who love nature, quiet and limpid SEA ... It is in VASTO (CH).


B&B in quiet and amazing location

Quiet location, amazing view and really you do feel to be into another world! Excellent restaurant with very good and typical kitchen, wedding parties rooms, dancing night with alive music, children park area ... everything you need to live some relaxing days with your family.


LESSON 15th: Present continuous or present simple?

Use the present continuous to talk about something which is happening at or around the time of speaking and temporary situation:

Anna is in London for three months. She is learning English


LESSON 14th - Present Simple

Alex is a bus driver. But now he is asleep in bed

So: He is not driving a bus (he is asleep)

But: Alex drives a bus = Alex guida l'autobus



Present Simple

Io guido

Tu guidi

Egli, Lei guida


LESSON 13th: Present Continuos Tense

Ann is in her car.  She is on her way to work.

She is driving to work. = Sta andando (in auto) a lavoro.

This means: she is driving now, at the time of speaking.


Io sto andando

Tu stai andando


The centuries old oven in Abruzzo

When everything was hand made and the bread too ... This is characteristic to be seen in the very old houses in Abruzzo!


Codice Fiscale

The Italian fiscal code card, officially known as Codice Fiscale, is the tax code card in Italy. It  is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters. The card serves to identify, unambiguously for tax purposes, individuals residing in Italy irrespective of residency status.


LESSON 12th - Who is the 1st?

Are you the 1st?


1st = primo = 1°

2nd = secondo = 2°

3rd = terzo = 3°

4th = quarto = 4°

5th = quinto = 5°

6th = sesto = 6°

7th = settimo = 7°

8th = ottavo = 8°

9th = nono = 9°

10th = decimo = 10°




After the restoration

And the dream of a life time comes true ... Congratulations to Pilar by New Zealand!


Before the restoration ...

Sometimes it is not very funny to let people visit houses in the condition that they have been left and abandoned by their owners but when you feel the proper feeling it doesn't matter since you can renovate it and  ... just realizing your dream of a life time.



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