Properties of QUINCE

It's not the famous apple from Snow White, but the fruit dedicated to Venus, and for centuries considered a good omen and fertility, and importamnt in marriage rites.


Skiing in Abruzzo

I list the main ski resort in Abruzzo ... any information do not hesitate to contact me ..

CAMPO DI GIOVE (AQ) - (1064 mt alt)

CAMPO FELICE (AQ) - Rocca di cambio (1730 mt alt)

CAMPO IMPERATORE (AQ) - Assergi (1730 mt alt)


Testimonial by Arizona

Without Anna, the dream of homeownership in Italy would have been much more difficult, if not impossible. Anna was there for us every step of the way, translating with great accuracy all our documents.


Who is the Notary?

The official appointed to handle a property sale is a public notary (NOTAIO) who in Italy acts for both the vendor and the purchaser.


The 24-hour clock

The 24-hour clock is used more often in Italy than in the UK, for opening times (museums, bars), business hours (offices, shops) and for public transport timetables.


New Italian Tax: IMU

With the reform of fiscal federalism, a new tax has been introduce, the Municipal Tax Unica (IMU), which replaces both the income tax on income land of second homes, and the ICI, which was introduced in 1992 and quickly became one of the entrances most important in the financial statements of Com


Telephon numbers

In Italy, telephone numbers are usually given in pairs (so 21 35 46 is twenty-one, thirty-five, forty-six).


The days of the week

In Italian, the days of the week don't have a capital letter, and they're not often used in the plural. If something happens regularly, you say it happens il lunedì - on Mondays.


Time for breakfast

Now it's your turn to order la colazione.


Buongiorno, che cosa desidera da bere?

Good Morning, what would you like to drink?

- una bottiglia d'acqua minerale

- un cappuccino

- un caffelatte


Present Simple = Io sono

Io sono un insegnante = I am a teacher

Tu sei uno studente = You are a student

Egli è un avvocato = He is a solicitor

Ella è una ragazza = She is a girl



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