By taxi to the hotel!

il taxi (eel tak-see) = the taxi

il treno (eel treh-no) = the train

l'autobus (laoo-to-boos) = the bus


l'hote (lo-tel) = the hotel


The bill, please!

It's time for the customer to ask for the bill, and there is nothing easier: Il conto, per favore.


Al Bar - Italian Beginner LESSON

Al Bar means in the bar. The word bar is the same in English and Italian.


Si dice così ...

At Supermarket you ask for:

Una bottiglia di olio, di acqua, di vino

Una lattina di coca-cola

Un vasetto di yogurt, di marmellata

Un pacco di spaghetti, biscotti



Traditionally, sausage makers put to use tissues and organs which are edible and nutritious, but not particularly appealing - such as scraps, organ meats, blood, and fat - in a form that allows for preservation: typically, salted and stuffed into a tubular casing made from the cleaned intestine o


Do you like BRESAOLA?

As an antipasto, bresaola is usually sliced paper thin and served at room temperature or slightly chilled.


May I have a gun with me at home?

Sometimes my client ask me to take information about legal procedure referring to the possession of a gun at home. Briefly these are the inpofrmation I've collected. If you have a gun that is  registered in your country, you have ask for permission to take your gun in Italy.


Questo o quello?

THIS = questo, questa

THESE = queste, questi


THAT = quello, quella

THOSE = quelli, quelle



Vuoi queste pere? Will you have these pears?

No, preferisco quelle. No, I will not. I will have those.


Italian Preposition "IN"

There's no-one in the room/in the building/in the shop.

Non c'è nessuno NELLA stanza, NELL'edificio, NEL negozio


Nella = IN + LA

Nello = IN + LO

Nel = IN + IL

Nella casa = IN + LA casa


SOLD PROPERTY in Villa Santa Maria (CH)

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