It’s not easy to live in a country that you love but whose language you cannot speak. Therefore my main task will be to bridge the language gap between your language and the Italian language in any situation you may find yourselves in, allowing you to live the Italian dream without any stress.

“Gateway Abruzzo” can give you valid help when you need :

  • To be introduced to Professional Licensed Real Estates to purchase your dream Italian property amongst the vineyards, cheese makers and local markets of this amazing region of Italy.
  • Getting your Codice Fiscale (Italian Fiscal Code) and Italian Bank Account.
  • Arranging professional and trade contacts for the refurbishment or maintenance of your property
  • To connect your water, gas and light utilities, Telecom and Broadband
  • Translation of legal documents and correspondence, making a Will
  • Care of your property during your absence
  • Provide language tuitions (Italian and English) in order to help you to communicate in a foreign country.
  • To rent a car or call for a taxi
  • To help you with Medical Assistance and Health Insurance
  • To give you information about Italian taxes, fees and fines and make it easy for you to navigate the local laws and customs.
  • To rent your house in Abruzzo

… Anna will help you to realise your Italian dream! Your Gateway to Secret Italy is here!

Created by Andrea Poidomani